The case Inna Zhvanetskaya – is forced vaccination of Jews „a good German tradition“?

Inna Zhvanetskaya plays for her life. Image: private

The good news in advance: the almost 86-year-old Ukrainian Jewess Inna Zhvanetskaya, who survived the Holocaust as a child, was brought to a safe place by activists and therefore could not be force-vaccinated until now. Everything else that can or must be reported about this case is bad, because it demonstrates: in the country of the Shoah, some descendants of the perpetrators have learned little or nothing.

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Attorney Holger Fischer got the case rolling. He reported about it in his Telegram channel, contacted Masha Orel, a co-founder of We for Humanity, who in turn contacted Report24. First, Report24 asked the court for an opinion on Sunday, January 8, 2023. This came on Monday and stated dryly and factually on what basis the deprivation of liberty measures as well as the compulsory medical treatment were ordered and that a complaint was pending (that of attorney Fischer).

On January 10, 2023, Report24 went public with a report and a video. „We for Humanity“ also contacted the court with an appeal. On the same day, the employees of the care service succinctly informed that Ms. Zhvanetskaya would have to sign the work assignments finally, no more would be needed, as Ms. Zhvanetskaya would be picked up the next day. The supervisor would be there.

Numerous well-known activists and lawyers reacted and a wave of solidarity was set off. Because one thing is clear: only a broad public reaction can protect the old lady, who lives in Stuttgart, from a forced psychiatric treatment and a forced vaccination in Germany.

The case

According to the verdict of judge Dr. L. at the district court Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, the accommodation of the affected person in the closed ward of a psychiatric hospital or a closed ward of a care facility was approved by the duty caregiver until December 5, 2024 at the latest. At the same time, two vaccinations against Covid-19 (Corona) for basic immunization were approved as compulsory medical measures, in each case after internal examination of the ability to vaccinate, until January 16, 2023 at the latest, with the consent of the duty caregiver.

The judgment further states that the forced vaccination against Covid-19 against the will of the person concerned in the context of the accommodation was necessary for the welfare of the person concerned in order to avert an imminent significant damage to her health.

Inna Zhvanetskaya had not been convinced of the necessity of this medical measure, on the contrary. She strictly rejected the vaccination. Therefore, the judge found that the substantial health damage could not be averted by any other measure reasonable for the person concerned, since the expected benefit of the medical measure would substantially outweigh the expected impairment of the person concerned.

Strong wave of solidarity

In the channel of attorney Holger Fischer one could read: With me the year began among other things with a cry for help from Baden-Wuerttemberg: At the request of the duty caregiver, a guardianship court approved the two-year closed accommodation of an old lady, which means compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital, followed by admission to the protected area of a nursing home. Without first waiting for the success of the hospital treatment and then, for example, deciding the case anew by obtaining a new expert opinion regarding the need for further accommodation, a decision is immediately made here about the future of this not so dependent woman.

This alone is not disproportionate. Besides, the court expressly approves the compulsory vaccination against Covid-19.

While a forced medication with psychotropic drugs may only be ultima ratio, accordingly not already included in the decision, here a court decides that the affected person receives her Covid injection by force without hesitation, i.e. possibly still directly after her transfer by means of police coercion to the psychiatric hospital. (, with the use of force. )

All for the benefit of the person concerned in accordance with Section 1906 (1) (2) of the German Civil Code, according to which placement against the will of a person concerned is only permissible because „an examination of the state of health, a medical treatment or a medical intervention isHow objective is the expert opinion? necessary to avert imminent significant damage to health, the measure cannot be carried out without the placement of the person concerned, and the person concerned cannot recognize the necessity of the placement or act in accordance with this insight due to a mental illness or mental or psychological disability.“

Since the order is immediately enforceable, she now waits daily to be removed from her home, transported to the psychiatric ward, and forcibly inoculated by the guardianship authority, which will assist the duty carygiver in carrying out the order, which in turn will call in the police to apply coercive measures. The person concerned was born before the beginning of the Second World War and is of Jewish origin.

In the channel one finds also the first legal statement of him. Among other things one can read there: It is not yet certain how the fate of the old lady will continue, who is to be accommodated today. By the legal remedy of the complaint the decision of the guardianship court to the long-term accommodation and compulsory vaccination is contestable and was contested. The decision of the Appeals Board of the Regional Court is pending.

Dr. med. Bodo Schiffmann also picked it up in his channel „Holocaust survivor is to receive a compulsory medical measure twice tomorrow January 11, 2023: She is to be forcibly vaccinated against Covid-19 against her conscious decision. Furthermore, she is to be forcibly committed to a psychiatric institution. There she is to be vaccinated twice against COVID-19. The woman has consciously decided against this vaccination and is now being subjected to a compulsory medical measure as a Holocaust survivor in Germany.“ and urges his readers to share the information widely in order to protect the lady.

And Beate Bahner, specialized lawyer for medical law, commented: „This decision is a gigantic judicial scandal!!! Immediately executable! Tomorrow the composer is to be picked up. Then she will be vaccinated tomorrow at noon and, in addition, will probably be sedated with medication. I am stunned! A lawyer (Holger Fischer) has already filed a complaint. However, this does not prevent the judiciary and police from the immediate execution of this scandalous decision. This case must go to the public and to the press! Everyone must become active!

The society of physicians and scientists for health, freedom and democracy e.V., MWGFD e.V. reports comprehensively and additionally publishes the letter of Mascha Orel, which is another Jewish woman living in Germany, born in Ukraine. In her open letter she asked the court in Stuttgart to reconsider this decision. I spoke briefly with her to get more background information.

How objective is the expert’s opinion?

Not only the video published by Report24 proves that the diagnosis according to the expert opinion can and must be doubted. Mascha Orel has spoken with the affected person herself and cannot confirm anything of what was diagnosed in the expert opinion.

What was your experience with Inna? I talked to her on the phone for an hour. It is a madness. I wanted to see for myself what her condition is. She is vulnerable, frightened, and has been living in this state for about 2 years, as her duty caregiver has apparently tried to institutionalize her several times. The sword of Damocles of institutionalization has been hanging over her head for a long time. She has drawn an unequivocal comparison, „It’s like when Dad was at the front and Mom had to flee with me and my brother.“

Why is she portrayed as needing such a treatment? Like many artists, Inna is introverted and seems „out of this world“ beyond her art. But which highly gifted artist is quite normal in the conventional sense? An example: To thank the Report24 reporter for his engagement – the journalist really put his heart into it – she thanked him with a piece of music that she sang to him. Is that normal? Not in our world, probably. Does that mean she has to go to a psychiatric clinic? I don’t think so. She is a gifted composer whose music has been performed on the world’s great stages. If she has deficits, it is this much: she has not been able to come to terms completely with the fact that her music is no longer popular. But that also makes her a very easy „care case“. You only have to ask her about her compositions. Then she blossoms, is happy. She doesn’t need much. Yes, she needs medication, but I maintain of the kind most people her age need.

Why was psychiatry pushed forward? Inna has a good soul around her, a woman who is there for her out of Christian charity. The woman has a sharp mind. She told me that about two months ago the nursing service was given the task of washing and dressing her. She could do that herself, she was always well groomed. Why was this done? Then probably the next instruction came from the caregiver that they had to control the acceptance of medication. These are two knock-out criteria.If you don’t take care of yourself and refuse to take medication, you are worthy of care. But both are just not true, according to Inna Zhvanetskaya’s confidante. Her father was a doctor and pharmacologist, and she pays close attention to the side effects and expiration dates of medications. Her father probably also taught her to weigh the benefits and risks, she has a very conscious approach to the subject and that is probably why she so strictly rejected vaccination. She probably takes the prescribed medication (e.g. because of water in the leg).

Do you know how she feels about her situation? She finds it difficult to interact with the outside world outside her music. Interaction with the outside world outside of her music is difficult for her. If that were the case, all autistic people would have to be isolated. It was a big effort for her to record the video, simply talking without a piano is not hers. But for her, it’s about her life. She talked and played for her life. That moved me to tears. That’s what Report24 called it: „Inna Zhvanetskaya plays for her life. And how she plays!“

The Nuremberg Code, the instrument to prevent compulsory vaccination.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Haditsch has also joined the team of supporters. In the meantime, he contacted Mascha: „I would like to join this group, please. Actually, the legal situation would be simple: it is a study medication in phase 3, so there SHOULD be no coercive measure; whoever does it anyway violates the Nuremberg Code and should be reported for crimes against humanity and also sentenced on the basis of the available facts.

What this means can be gleaned from Wikipedia:

The Nuremberg Code is an ethical guideline for preparing and conducting medical, psychological and other experiments on humans. It has been part of the medical ethical principles in medical training since its formulation in the verdict of the Nuremberg Medical Trial (1946/1947), similar to the Geneva Vow. It states that in medical experiments on humans.

„the voluntary consent of the subject (is) absolutely necessary. This means that the person concerned must be capable, in the legal sense, of giving consent; that he must be able, uninfluenced by force, fraud, trickery, coercion, overreaching, or any other form of persuasion or coercion, to exercise his judgment; that he must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the field in question in its details to be able to make an understanding and informed decision.“ The Nuremberg Code was prompted by the crimes against humanity committed in the name of medical research during the National Socialist era, in particular „criminal medical experiments“ and forced sterilizations.

That such a situation should occur in Germany in particular is inconceivable to me. But in a country where the public prosecutor’s office has opened a preliminary investigation against Holocaust survivors such as Vera Sharav because, among other things, she compared the Corona vaccinations to the beginnings of National Socialism, nothing surprises me anymore.

One should realize the situation: In her youth and now in old age, a Jewish woman is persecuted by Germans. She is hidden in order to avoid deprivation of liberty and forced vaccination; at her place of residence a police squad has been observed, as if it were a serious criminal. The door of the apartment was broken open. The activists are worried that they cannot deliver medicine unobserved and thus betray Inna. Kind regards from Anne Frank.

Germany, 2023.

The letter of Marina (Masha) Orel, also a Jew from Ukraine, to the District Court of Bad Canstatt, dated Jan. 10, 2023, read by attorney Beate Bahner (Video in German).

Newest events / addendum:

On 11 January, two policecars, an ambulance and the car of a locksmith company arrived at the address of Inna to take her away. But she was already taken to safety by several friends and helpers.

On 12 January, after massive pressure from the public, the court decided to stay the order regarding compulsory vaccination.

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